Products – Grafted vines



A vineyard is an investment made to last for decades; the life-span of a vineyard is function of its location and the managing strategies, but in any case the vineyard must be homogenous and sound from the beginning. One of the fundamental elements for a vineyard’s success is the quality of the grafted vines.

In order to obtain high quality grafted vines, every step of the producing process is taken great care of; starting from the selection and the preservation of the genetic material, continuing through the grafting, the callusing and the vegetative phase in the nursery, till the rigorous sorting and the conservation of the grafted vines ready for delivery.

For our nursery, we select exclusively soils that have not had vineyards, grapevine nurseries or rootstocks mother blocks for at least 4 years. This is a guarantee for the sanitary surety of the soil and for a higher success rate.

To satisfy the more and more demanding modern viticulture, we can offer:

  • a wide range of international and autochthone varieties from different countries (France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Romania, etc.);
  • a large choice of clones or massal selections (productive or qualitative biotypes);
  • an exhaustive range of rootstocks;
  • various grafted vines types: benchgrafted vines offered both as Traditional Dormant Bare Root and Green Potted vines;
  • grafted vines with different dimensions.

The above mentioned parameters (varieties, clones, rootstocks, types and dimensions) when combined, provide hundreds of possible assemblies: from a traditional Benchgrafted Dormant Bare Root vine to a completely tailored production. This is our offer, to meet even the most unusual request.