Following in the footsteps of the renewed scientist G. COUDERC, our material derives from a production that is at the same time respectful of the tradition and of the nature, and integrates the modern techniques and the continuous innovations. Process and product innovations, which respectively allows us to be more competitive and to offer products and services with a high added value.

The guidelines followed by R&D are: genetic selection, environmental protection, increased plants’ immunity resistance.


Today’s genetic selection, be it clonal or massal, is the base for tomorrow’s wines.

Our massal selections favour an elevated genetic diversity, still maintaining maximal sanitary security.

The clonal selections, created in France by ENTAV and in Italy by various private and public institutes, permit to anticipate with precision the productive parameters in the vineyard and the sensorial parameters of the wine.

Resistant varieties to cryptogrammic diseases represent an important chapter for the future of viticulture. Contrary to certain Italian nurseries, which are already commercialising resistant varieties, France even though it has been working on the topic, along with the Ministry of Agriculture and INRA for years, remains prudent. The reason is the need to be certain that the resistant varieties are really resistant and especially that there is a really low risk of bypassing of the resistance. Additionally the quality and flavour aspects must be taken into consideration.


Reducing the environmental impact is becoming an important concern for both citizens and farms.

Our present contribution is to work daily using practices respectful of the environment, such as reducing pesticides and respecting the natural cycles. Our purpose is to progressively eliminate the need for chemical herbicides; not an easy task, as anyone familiar with producing rootstocks can confirm.

Reducing our carbon footprint is a program already operative within our company, through the following actions:

  • By moving the company site closer to the rootstocks mother-blocks and nurseries, reduction of the distance  travelled by our teams and vehicles;
  • Valorisation of the by-products of the rootstocks production;
  • Alternative agronomical techniques.

To validate all our practices and efforts, our company has requested official certification.


“Unity makes strength”. Our days, unity for us represents the solid and trustworthy network of collaborators and researchers, private and public companies, who share our strategies, ideas, research projects and results. Every part of our company development is involved in the network of collaborations: from the production to the R&D. We strongly believe in the synergies that can emerge from this type of exchanges, being either exchanges of information, goods or services. A concrete example is the existing collaborations with various French nurserymen for the different stages of the production process.